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Please read this page in full before registering 

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Credit Card payment is made online 

Reservations open October 8th

$500 Reservation holds as many spaces as you need, reservations close November 1st.
Registration data is due December 15th 2022. 

Payment Deadlines:
Nanaimo - Port Theatre
50% First Payment: December 15th 
50% Second Payment: January 1st

West Vancouver - Kay Meek Theatre 
50% First Payment: December 15th
50% Second Payment: April 1st 


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Soloist Policy

There is an additional $25 soloist fee for soloists for dancers not participating with a group. Solos/duos/trios are not eligible for Provincial Finals unless they are also registered with a group in the same event. 


Items of Importance

-Reservations close November 1st, event dates will be confirmed shortly after.
-Registration (routine data) is due by December 15th 2022. 
-Payment should be made to Global Dance Services and may be split into two 50% payments as per the payment deadlines. 
-There is a $25/dancer additional soloist fee for soloists who are participating with a group. 
-Participation agreement waivers will be sent by email for digital signing.
-There is a $10,000 maximum credit card transaction per studio/season. 
-Minimum registration commitment is $500/event.
-Solos/Duos/Trios must be in a group in that event to be eligible for Provincial Finals.
-Studios must declare which dancers are not eligible for Provincial Finals.
-Music must be loaded into your online account. 
-Email the office if you have credit to apply to your account. 
-Provincial Finals commitment deadlines/payment have been moved forward for 2023. 
-Cash awards expire July 1st 2023. 

-The virtual afterplay component of the Allegro Ballet event has been discontinued. 

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