Basic Guidelines



• Classical Ballet (Demi)
• Classical Ballet (Pointe)
• Lyrical
• Contemporary

•Contemporary Ballet (Demi)

• Contemporary Ballet (Pointe)
• Demi-Character Ballet

• Interpretive Ballet

• Modern 

• Variation (Demi)
• Variation (Pointe)

• Repertoire

• Pas de Deux

Time Limits

Solos: 3 min
Duos/Trios: 3 min
Small Groups: 4 min
Large Groups/Lines: 5 min


• Performance Division
(for the recreational dancer training 1-2 hours/week) 

• Foundations
(for the pre-competitive dancer training 3-4 hours/week)

• Emerging Artist
(for the competitive dancer training more than 5 hours/week)

Age Divisions

Class One - 5-8yrs
Class Two - 9-10yrs
Class Three - 11-12yrs
Class Four - 13-14yrs
Class Five - 15-16yrs
Class Six - 17-19yrs 
Young Adult - 20-24yrs
Adult 25-39yrs
Legends 40yrs+

Qualifying for Provincial Finals 

The Emerging Artist division advances to the GDS Provincial Finals 
The high score Foundations group advances to the GDS Provincial Finals Pre-Competitive division
Top Five 12yrs and Under and Top Five 13yrs and Over will advance to the GDS Provincial Finals

Please email us for an official guide